Sunday, 29 May 2016

Hysterectomy done - now for the new start!

OK So back from Florida on 16th May and I went into hospital on 24th for my hysterectomy. I stayed in for 2 days and since being home have been determined not to just sit around in my nightdress so have been doing little bits every day. Last night hubby took me over to see our 2 yr old Grandson for some much needed Nanna cuddles and out for a lovely meal at one of our favourite olde worlde pubs The Bell in Outwood. It was wonderful but the car journey was a bit uncomfortable so today I have decided to stay put and make ice cream in my new Heston ice cream maker and meringues with the left over egg whites :) add a few strawberries and mango and we will have a gorgeous dessert tonight.

I am determined to make extra effort to do more things I haven't tried before and keep busy doing the things I love more than ever now.

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