Friday, 23 May 2014

More Explore experiments - this time pens.

So I love the fact you can write with the Explore, adds just another dimension to the whole experience!

You get one pen, the Cricut silver pen in the box and it is fine, but I wanted to try different pens for different effect, particularly writing sentiments, so I did some research last night online and found Crayola fine line markers fit in the holder and Pilot V5 rollerball fine line pens do so I went out today and got these. The Crayola were a bargain at £2.32 in Hobbycraft for 10 colours and the Pilot were £9.19 in Staples for a pack of 3 colours, black, red and blue. These are the results.
Crayola Fine Line Marker

Pilot V5 rollerball
My favourite has to be the Pilot, the writing is so fine and perfect. The Crayola are good also but you have to be careful not to push the pen in too far or it marks the project on start up, hence the line at the top of mine! I measured the Cricut pen and put a mark on it and then marked the other pens at the same place so I know how far to go. The Pilot is remarkably like the Cricut pen and won't go any further anyway :)

I have also been told that Faber Castell PITT artist pens are good but couldn't find the right ones in Hobbycraft, you need the fine tip marked F on the cap but they have some lovely colours in these and the metallic ones are supposed to be gorgeous on black cardstock.

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