Thursday, 20 March 2014

Finally moved!

After several months of angst, we finally moved on Saturday to a lovely new home. It took 12 hours in all, they loaded one huge lorry and had to call for another smaller one! We had so much stuff and have had to sell/give away and throw lots and lots of accumulated 'junk' from 21 years in the last house! It will take a while to get unpacked and sorted but it feels so nice. It is a new build and I was determined it was not going to be cluttered and the loft is to have only suitcases in nothing else!!

The cats were petrified on the day of the move, I kept them all together contained at each end, but they took hours to come out of hiding here and only today are they fully exploring. We have 3 floors as it is a town house and they don't like the ground floor for some reason, they go down to eat and stay a while if I am down there but follow me everywhere, mind you they always did before, bless them. One of them has had an awful tummy with blood in it too but I am assured it is caused by stress so I have invested in a Feliway plug in and sachets of prebiotic powder to put in their food and hopefully this will settle them down.

Maisie is still as mischievious as ever and has even explored the garden and keeps darting out of the front door (they are indoor cats). She also found the kitchen tap as soon as she could, she likes to drink out of it and meows at me, goes over to the tap and nudges it which means she wants a drink! (don't worry I disinfect it every time!!)

When I will ever get time to craft or sew I have no idea but hoping it won't be too long :)

Maisie found an empty duvet bag very entertaining!


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