Thursday, 21 August 2014

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Dress Form

The much talked about dress form by talented artist Neil Burley that he made for Craftwork Cards. I just adore this and got my hands on some Paper Couture pads yesterday so am determined to have a go! Neil is such a inspirational artist. Go and look at some of his work.

I also love this which Neil made for the new launch of The Art of Paper Floristry II this week - stunning.


Friday, 30 May 2014

1st Birthday card for my great niece.

I cut the No 1 on the Explore and printed a Fizzy Moon bear for the front and back.

Friday, 23 May 2014

More Explore experiments - this time pens.

So I love the fact you can write with the Explore, adds just another dimension to the whole experience!

You get one pen, the Cricut silver pen in the box and it is fine, but I wanted to try different pens for different effect, particularly writing sentiments, so I did some research last night online and found Crayola fine line markers fit in the holder and Pilot V5 rollerball fine line pens do so I went out today and got these. The Crayola were a bargain at £2.32 in Hobbycraft for 10 colours and the Pilot were £9.19 in Staples for a pack of 3 colours, black, red and blue. These are the results.
Crayola Fine Line Marker

Pilot V5 rollerball
My favourite has to be the Pilot, the writing is so fine and perfect. The Crayola are good also but you have to be careful not to push the pen in too far or it marks the project on start up, hence the line at the top of mine! I measured the Cricut pen and put a mark on it and then marked the other pens at the same place so I know how far to go. The Pilot is remarkably like the Cricut pen and won't go any further anyway :)

I have also been told that Faber Castell PITT artist pens are good but couldn't find the right ones in Hobbycraft, you need the fine tip marked F on the cap but they have some lovely colours in these and the metallic ones are supposed to be gorgeous on black cardstock.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Another SVG cut on the Cricut Explore

Cut from an SVG file shared by Birds Cards it cut beautifully. #cricutexplore

It's here! My Cricut Explore!!!!

I had the date for the launch on C&C last Friday in my phone and after a couple of minutes pressed the purchase button! It arrived yesterday and I set to work immediately. I cut lots of vinyl to begin with, perfect and it is so quiet in use. Then imported some SVG's and cut those, love the way the software is so intuitive with the mats you will need and separating the layers, such a time saver. I then tried to cut a 1" butterfly and it cut ok but some of the finer parts just weren't perfect. I searched online and found Joy who is an amazing lady and she got back to me straight away with a solution which was uber simple and it worked, so I am a very happy bunny this morning :) It cut this filigree heart absolutely perfectly, just look at the negative bits on the mat too, easy to peel off and this has NEVER happened with any Cricut I have owned before and I had almost every one from the original through to the Expression, Imagine and the Cake!! I also had the Sizzix Eclips and sold that!

I also cut some tiny banners in which the letters were 1cm tall and they were perfect as you can see from the photos, it even cut the tiny teeny little holes in the tops of each banner flag which you can just about see from the photo:)

I love the mats for the Explore, the sticky is much better but it still peels off easily.

I tried the lettering using the pen supplied and it was amazing, this is a really cool feature :)

They have improved an awful lot of features on this machine and it certainly gets the thumbs up from me :) Time to sell all my dies and punches :) #cricutexplore

Thursday, 1 May 2014

I am now a Bzz Agent!

I joined Bzz Agent yesterday and look forward to trying out some freebies and reporting back so check back here for updates!


Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Finally moved!

After several months of angst, we finally moved on Saturday to a lovely new home. It took 12 hours in all, they loaded one huge lorry and had to call for another smaller one! We had so much stuff and have had to sell/give away and throw lots and lots of accumulated 'junk' from 21 years in the last house! It will take a while to get unpacked and sorted but it feels so nice. It is a new build and I was determined it was not going to be cluttered and the loft is to have only suitcases in nothing else!!

The cats were petrified on the day of the move, I kept them all together contained at each end, but they took hours to come out of hiding here and only today are they fully exploring. We have 3 floors as it is a town house and they don't like the ground floor for some reason, they go down to eat and stay a while if I am down there but follow me everywhere, mind you they always did before, bless them. One of them has had an awful tummy with blood in it too but I am assured it is caused by stress so I have invested in a Feliway plug in and sachets of prebiotic powder to put in their food and hopefully this will settle them down.

Maisie is still as mischievious as ever and has even explored the garden and keeps darting out of the front door (they are indoor cats). She also found the kitchen tap as soon as she could, she likes to drink out of it and meows at me, goes over to the tap and nudges it which means she wants a drink! (don't worry I disinfect it every time!!)

When I will ever get time to craft or sew I have no idea but hoping it won't be too long :)

Maisie found an empty duvet bag very entertaining!


Saturday, 1 March 2014

Banana and Butterscotch Cake

I have made banana cake for years and have been tweaking the recipe and have now found this is a no fail light, soft and delicious one with the addition of butterscotch chips which melt and make the most amazing tasting banana cake ever. Delicious as a cake but equally scrumptious as a dessert with custard.

It has been submitted to BBC Good Food along with my other recipes and can be found here


Thursday, 27 February 2014

Gorgeous keepsake gifts

Check out this fab page for the most adorable handmade keepsake jewellery and gifts.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Mini Converse style bootees, cute!


Monday, 24 February 2014

My little amigurumi bunny

Isn't she cute? Watch this space for more of these little darlings :)


My new vintage finds

A gorgeous old french plate rack

and a lovely side table to be transformed into a dressing table.
Watch this space for the after photos!


Name change

I have changed the name of my blog to reflect what I seem to do most at the moment, crochet and sewing!