Saturday, 3 August 2013

Custom Phone Cover

After upgrading my phone to the gorgeous new Samsung Galaxy S4 recently I bought myself the flip view case for it which is very clever, you don't have to open the case to answer the phone and it unlocks itself when you do. I love it, so when one of the kitties rang across the table and put 2 huge scratches in the front I could not bear to look at those scratches any longer :( But at £49.99 for a new one,  it was not a throw away job! Therefore I decided to use some of my Cath Kidston -esque fabric and made a template and recovered the front in fabric. So easy to do and I am so pleased with how it turned out too. Dab of glue around the edges of the fabric to stop fraying and it is much improved :)

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  1. Hi Kim, it was such a lovely surprise to see you pop up in my comments, hope you and family are keeping well and its great to see that you are still crafting. Fab idea to customize your phone case and a pretty choice of material too...gotta love Cath Kidston :) Donna ♥ x


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