Sunday, 15 April 2012

The babies

Lula 7 weeks

Lula 7 weeks

Mum turn that light off! Lula 7 weeks

Lula 7 weeks

The girls have been with us for 3 weeks and have settled in so well, they weigh 700 grams and you can see how much they have grown from their photos, they have almost doubled in weight. I love that they are so comfortable with us and how they eat and then jump up on our laps to wash and settle down. They climb all over me whilst I am on the laptop and nestle into the crook of my arm and go to sleep or sit on my shoulder and play with my hair, they are just so adorable. They play like crazy and then just flake out on us and Saffie can still get away but it won't be long before they can jump as high as her!! Maisie is so funny, she is definitely the big brave cat inside a tiny kitten body, she grabs her toys and walks with them in her mouth just like prey and struts off just like a big cat! Every so often the pair of them square up sideways with ears back and backs up and pretend fight, it's hilarious as they soon forget and roll around - all part of learning I suppose!


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