Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A fire hazard warning for you!

On Monday afternoon my daughter's tumble dryer caught fire. My eldest grandson was off school and in the house alone for a short while and thanks to him, he knew exactly what to do and when he discovered the fire, left the house, ran to a neighbour and called 999 and then called his Mum who was with me and we rushed over to the house, luckily we were just minutes away but found a very frightened and upset young man standing on the drive with the neighbours. If it hadn't been for his quick thinking things could have been far worse but the devastation caused is beyond belief. What might have happened is unthinkable. The house is uninhabitable mainly due to smoke damage and they won't be able to live in it for 3-4 months as everything has to come out and be cleaned professionally and the whole house stripped and redecorated. All they had was what they stood up in and it has been such an awful shock for us all. I am so proud of Ryan but also so thankful no-one was hurt. We are managing to get by and salvaged some clothes so my washing machine has been constantly on! My daughter and the children are staying with me for the moment and they have been so good mucking in. Hopefully the insurance company will be able to sort out a short term let for them so they can all be together with Dad soon.

The Fire Brigade told us never to leave dishwashers, tumble driers or washing machines going when you are out or at night as they are often culprits of fires. I would never have thought that and am guilty of leaving my dryer and dishwasher on at night, but never, ever again.

This was a Hotpoint dryer 4 years old and there was no reason to think this would happen.
 The cloakroom after the firemen had put the fire out and removed the dryer.

 The dryer - completely burnt out and all the clothes inside were burnt too :(



  1. OMG what a nightmare!!
    Thanks for the warning xxx
    Love to your family.
    Mel. xx

  2. OMG...that's just awful Kim. Thanks for the warning...I always go to bed with the washer on...not no more..

    big hugs Vicky xx

  3. OMG...........Just goes to show these things can happen at anytime, hopefully not again in your case! Thankfully no one was hurt, the drier and clothes can be replaced lives can't Well done too to your grandson who raised the alarm.............:) Sandra H

  4. Oh Lordy!! What a mess. At least no-one was hurt even if it was a shock!

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