Sunday, 8 May 2011

I'm in craft heaven!

We are surrounded by Michael's stores here wherever we go and tonight we ate at The Olive Garden near Clermont and there was a Michael's nearby so we popped in because the girls wanted to get me something for my birthday tomorrow! Well I had another 40% off Martha Stewart coupon and found her scoreboard in this one, so had to buy it, it worked out at $12 which is £7.31 - a steal!

The one I went to this morning I found another MS deep edger punch I liked and bought some bits and bobs for the grandchildren and some other little bits and got 40% off the punch and 25% off everything else! Plus they always give you another 40% coupon when you buy anything so I have 5 left!!

It almost feels wrong to get such bargains, but hey I bought a spare suitcase so I have to fill it up!!

1 comment:

  1. Kim your making me green with envy.
    My idea of heaven is a holiday spent shopping for crafty bits!!
    I have that board and it's brilliant.
    Glad you having a lovely time.
    Mel. xx


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