Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A couple of tips for you this morning - MS Punches and printer ink!

I love it when people share finds and tips on their blogs and today I have 2 of my own for you!

Firstly whilst browsing You Tube I came across this video showing how to make different borders with your MS punches to get more out of them by measuring the pattern, doubling it and then punching both sides of a strip of paper this width to get a really lovely decoration.  I tried it late last night with my String Lace punch and love it! Some of the other punches make fab patterns, give it a go. You can also punch circles with the corner punch out of the PATG sets and make great doilies for matting.

This is what I ended up with
Not a great picture but you get the idea!

My 2nd tip is for printer ink. The dreaded minefield of compatibles and refilling yourself. I have researched and researched this and the Kodak inks are very cheap in comparison but my HP printer which I love is so expensive to run but I found a solution at last! This site sells the inks in 100ml bottles and the caps and needles called SquEasyFill  to fit which avoids the need for syringes. I have just filled my 2 blacks and printed and they are great. It is really easy to do although apparently Epson printers aren't so easy :( but I can highly recommend this site. Martin gets straight back to you with any questions you pose and the service is fab.

One thing I have discovered is that you should not leave the cartridge until it is empty, keep checking them and fill them regularly and you should be fine. I needed 5 inks and with the Squeasyfill tops they cost me under £25 and will fill the cartridges lots and lots of times so in comparison this is THE cheapest way in my opinion.



  1. Thanks for the tips and links hun :o)

    hugs Vicky xx

  2. Thanks for the tips Kim, I have done the strip thingy, but have never tried the circle using the corner punch, although I have seen some fabulous results with it. I think I don't have much patience, but will give it a go. Always happy to get printing tips, I use up so much ink, so quickly...
    En xx

  3. Thanks for the good tip/link for the inks, think I shall give this a go!



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