Monday, 29 November 2010

Mini haul from the Craft Barn

Laura is working in Lingfield at the moment so I have an excuse to pop in to the Craft Barn and made a mini haul today of a Martha Stewart Around the Page punch set and some lovely Bo Bunny double sided papers to make more Finnish Stars with and a gorgeous pack of pearl clusters.


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  1. yey for MS Punches - quite an addiction for me - i daren't total up how much i've spent on them... perhaps its best I am ignorant to the amount LOL!!!

    I;ve seen those clusters on QVC - they had loads of colours. I hope they look good cos I thought they were expensive.

    Sorry - you may have gathered i'm reading your posts backwards... I may comment on something that you've said in an earlier post and then i'll find it while i'm working back - many apologies!!!

    Paula x x x


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