Saturday, 9 May 2009

I had THE best birthday ever!

These are my cupcakes, my first attempt and iced really quickly - in 10 mins! I ran out of icing and didn't have a proper bag or nozzle and the cases lost their gorgeous pastel colours once the cakes were cooked, so I still have a lot to learn, but they tasted fab - bit sickly but then they are huge and the icing was a ready made one, if anyone has any recipes for non sickly cupcake frosting, please share with me!!!!

I hope to make my next batch look really pretty with cases you can see and get a proper cupcake server but the kids loved them.

I had a wonderful day, the best birthday ever and my grandchildren got me a glass chopping board with their photo and a lovely message on so I can see their smiley little faces every day when I make my cuppa! I had loads of handmade cards and gifts which mean so much to me and I feel very loved and blessed to have my family. Thank you guys xxxx

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  1. Happy belated Birthday wishes, glad that you had a fab birthday. My turn for the big 50 next year.


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