Saturday, 21 March 2009

Tommy's Awards Ceremony

Well we had a fantastic day. Gorgeous weather, great journey and everyone was lovely - we felt like celebs for the day honestly! David & Carrie Grant - who were hosting the event, were so gracious and such lovely people and she is absolutely stunning IRL. She told Laura how beautiful she was and how she had said to David as they walked in how beautiful that young girl is and didn't realise it was Laura! She said her story was incredible and then proceeded to grab my hand and drool over my nails - which boosted my confidence somewhat!!!! She is very funky and carries it off so well and I had black and silver animal print tips. Russ said I should have told her that I did them myself and I could have got some celeb business - typical him!

Terri Dwyer and Nancy Sorrell were fab too, such lovely normal people - no airs or graces. Beautiful hotel and the lunch was sensational. We sat with Phillipa Forrester who presented Laura with her award and it was so emotional. She read out my nomination letter before she called Laura up onto stage and I was discreetly videoing and then she summoned me up onto the stage to have my photo taken for OK with her and Laura. A few tears were shed, it was surreal listening to her reading our story. We were all so proud of Laura and her older brother got quite emotional too, he was 5 when Laura was born so has some memories. The rest of the photos will be in OK, not sure when yet.

Came home with lovely memories, goody bags and a years subscription to Candis and Laura got a £250 cheque too! Just in time for holiday spends!!


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time! Well done on the award Laura!

    Zoe x

  2. Kim it sounds like you all had a wonderful day, congratulations to Laura on the award, and some holiday spends too, that's a bonus! Hugs Tx


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