Saturday, 14 February 2009

Further update on Katie

Everyone has been so kind I felt I must let you all know the latest news. Well they finally gave her anti-emetic meds yesterday but she had to go back on the drip. She had a bag of normal fluid and one with potassium and Louise said she is like a different child, brighter and chatty and she ate some chips from McDonald's last night!! They did say she could have whatever she wanted and just like a typical 5 yr old she said 'chips' - never thinking she would eat them but she tucked right in! Fingers crossed this continues and she improves enough to be let home. Thanks for all your kind thoughts and good wishes.


  1. Fingers crossed sounds like she could be on the mend.

  2. That's great news Kim, keep your chin up!
    Justine x

  3. Oh Kim what a worrying time for you all, and even worse that you can't visit. Things do sound a bit more positive now though, I hope she'll soon be home, and you can give her a huge cuddle.
    Take care, hugs T x

  4. Ah Kim i'm glad she has perked up a bit. Hope she continues to get better come home soon


  5. Hi Kim, Its good to hear Katie has improved so much. Hugs from Lindax


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