Tuesday, 20 January 2009

New hair do!

I went for the chop today! I had loads of hi and lo lites put through the top to lighten my hair and had it cut into an inverted bob, so it is short at the back but a lovely shape. It needs to be a tad longer at the front to achieve the look I want so I have to let the layers grow a bit but I am quite happy with it, especially the colour. Excuse the stern looking face, I was concentrating and trying to take a photo in the mirror!!!


  1. I love it Kim

    Really suits you


  2. Hi Kim. Sorry I've been ages getting back to you over this, but you asked me where you could get Marieke's papers from. I've been looking for the link and couldn't find it so I e-mailed her and she just sent it to me. It is ...


    Hope this helps chick and sorry for being a slowcoach lol xxx

    Hugs xxxx


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