Saturday, 1 November 2008

A black cat, a red devil and a pirate!

My eldest daughter took Laura and the kids trick or treating last night. It was manic trying to get them to stand still to take photos so I only managed 2 that are any good. Laura and Liam and Liam and Ryan - love this one it looks as if Liam is saying to his big brother - "ssshhh, it's my turn"!!!

Hope you have a great day - I get to pick my new car up this afternoon and am so excited - it seems like I have been waiting ages since ordering it but it is only about 5 weeks and that includes the plate transfer so it's not bad really but I am so impatient!!
I will share pics later!


  1. Gorgeous pics Kim.. what a handsome little devil lol!! :)

    Elaine x


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