Sunday, 14 September 2008


I am SO cross and upset. I went to the Papercrafts Extravaganza in Biggin Hill today with the grandchildren and some NASTY person hit my mini in the car park and left it with scratches and a huge dent in the side and didn't bother to leave their details. It wouldn't be so bad but we only yesterday put it up for part-ex against a beautiful brand new BMW 3 series touring for me and it was in A1 condition then!! I could scream and I hope bad fortune follows the person who did this for not bothering to be honest.

To make the day even worse, I then knocked a whole new brown sliced loaf over and half the slices tumbled out down into the cats water bowl. Then I realised that the upgrade phone I returned to O2 on Friday I had left my memory card in with all the kid's videos and pictures on it!!!!!!!!!!!

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