Thursday, 21 August 2008


Russ and I took all the kids to Howletts on Tuesday and we had a fab day, no rain and lovely sunny spells. The gorillas were as entertaining as ever and the picture of the kids sitting in the bus shelter is directly opposite one of the enclosures and we could have sat and watched them for ages, well we did actually!! They also had a gorgeous baby ellie who is standing next to the big bull. Katie had her face painted with a butterfly (well it was pink!!) Laura took a couple of great photos of Liam sucking his thumb (bless!) and Ryan which I just adore, so I changed them to black and white and added some effect to Ryan's - he just looks so thoughtful wandering along. He is such a darling boy. He is 10 in a couple of weeks and is really grown up now, not Nanna's baby boy any more. He is so sensible and creative - I often wonder what he will grow up to be.

What I love about Howletts is that you can get so close to the animals. It is well worth a visit.

Have a great day!


  1. The pictures are gorgeous Kim and you all look like you had such allot of fun, great to hear the weather was good too. Liam looks just adorable sucking his little thumb, Hugs, Nikki x


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