Saturday, 28 June 2008

Mineral Make up

I love the mineral make up - not only because it is natural and easy to use and looks so good, but also the pigment in the colours is fab! I normally use Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil and Foundation and have also bought from Lily Lolo in the past because they do sample sizes too which is a great idea and their Peep O yellow under eye powder and their Blush Away green powder is fantastic but I recently discovered a brand of mineral make up from a company called Beauty from the Earth and bought lots of their sample size eye shadows in fabulous bright colours I also learnt a tip about mixing them with a medium made from 1 part glycerine to 3 parts purified water (I used boiled and cooled tap water) and I mixed it in one of those travel bottles you get from Superdrug and it keeps for quite a while and then you mix the shadow minerals with it and paint it on and it gives a much deeper pigment. It is great as a coloured eyeliner applied in a thicker line along the lashes too and doesn't crease or move at all. I also use Urban Decay primer potion on my eyelids and along the bottom rim on my eye, which makes a real difference to the way in which all eye shadows cling and stay on and I would highly recommend using this.

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