Friday, 21 March 2008

Baby Boy card

Waiting for the new arrival I have started to make baby cards and as I am convinced it is a boy made this one first! May have to make some pink just in case!!


  1. Such a cute card and I just love the embossing. Nikki x

  2. He's lovely have you made a pink one and hidden just in case lol xx

  3. Your creations always look so professional ... just love this baby card.

    You have a little award waiting for you at my blog. Hope you will find time to pop by and collect it.

    Just copy and paste the link :


  4. Oh Kim this is just gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous

    Query for you, what size card have you used for the card base is it the same size as the Cuttlebug Folder? xx

    I see you daughter is holding out for the 1st April!!!!? Any more signs yet?

  5. That would be funny as 1st April is her Dad's birthday!! It is a 6" square card and I just moved the cuttlebug embossing folder along lining it up.

  6. Stunning card Kim!! your cards are so professional!!
    Justine x


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