Thursday, 3 January 2008

Next Christmas in Florida!!

We had such an awful depressing Christmas and aftermath with illness that we decided today that next year we are going to do what we have always wanted to do and that is not be in this country for Christmas!! We are off to Florida again, we went in March 07 and fell in love and we are going back on 18th December for 2 weeks and when we get home it will all be over - yippee!!!!!!!


  1. Don't blame ya Kim...

    Congrats on yer craftsulove win too!!!

  2. I wish!! Can I come with ya please?

  3. Thats fab Kim.. something lovely to look forward to, sounds heavenly!!! Congrats also on your winning Snowflake card :)

    Elaine xxx

  4. supa kim.
    florida is great!

    i loooove your blog banner. that cat made me crack up!

  5. Oh you lucky ducks you, we have been to Florida twice over the christmas period, staying with family over 25th and then visiting Disney land for the week after, what a delight, I am sooooo jealous, lol


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