Monday, 19 November 2007

OK I have given in to demands

to sell my cards!! I have had a couple of successful commissions with very positive feedback and my kids keep nagging me to sell them so I have another blog now here which I will put on my card labels so people can contact me via that if they want a custom made card. We'll see how it goes but my son's work colleagues have expressed great interest and so have my eldest daughter's and she has bought some cards at work before so I know what sort of quality and price I am up against!


  1. Wow thats brilliant news ,well done your cards are lovely .Dawnx

  2. Congratulations Kim , you go for it!!!
    ps where's the suspension card? :-)

  3. You deserve it! If you make 'em, they will come!! lol. :) Your cards are just adorable and I'm not surprised there's demand for them. :)

  4. All the best with your venture Kim. You make absolutely beautiful cards and I hope you go from strength to strength.


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