Sunday, 14 October 2007

My son who recently qualified as an electrician was wiring up our new shower fan. He is a computer network manager in real life but fancied a change but has now decided perhaps he won't after all as he worries about what he has done too much!!!! Bless him. Just cooked a huge roast pork and chicken and couldn't eat it!! I never really enjoy it when I have had to cook it though, I much prefer someone else to cook it for me!!

Not had much chance to play with my Cricut this weekend sadly but will make time this week! My Grandson Ryan is due to go away with the school tomorrow but has come down with a temperature and not feeling well so my daughter is worrying now whether to send him or not. Have to see what the morning brings.

I have had my nail extensions on for a month now - that is a record for me but I lost 3 this weekend so am going to have them redone tomorrow. After 48 years of biting my nails, I now cannot bear to be without them, strange isn't it? There is nothing I can't do with them on either which is astounding to me!

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