Saturday, 27 October 2007

Shaped Greetings punchouts tutorial

I have been asked to write a tutorial on how to make these so I have done one!! I used Microsoft Digital Image Pro and the step by step photos are here if anyone wants to try it out.

The shapes are designed to fit Woodware punches and the oval one can be seen layered with a larger punch on yesterdays card posted.

I have made a tutorial to do this in Word if anyone is interested, just email me

Friday, 26 October 2007

Christmas Tree creation

Using the Big Shot and the Cricut. Oval greeting is one I made on the PC and punched out - the inspiration for which came from Anna, thanks hun!

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Another Cricut and Cuttlebug Creation!!

I am loving this Cricut Expressions soooooo much!! My order with new cartridges, paper pads, tools etc. came from the states today so I am going to have so much fun playing!!! I even managed to get the George cartridge!! Waiting on Paper Dolls when that is released and I have got the cutest set of face stamps for them from Peachy Keen coming too. You have to go and see these cute little faces!! Sad I get so excited over little things like this, but hey - I could have worse vices!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Halloween Birthday card

Just put this together tonight for a Halloween birthday. Just love the Whipper Snapper witch!!

Cut with the Expressions

I popped over to see Zoe at Crafts U Love this morning to collect my 12x24 pads and picked up this gorgeous Doodlebug sugar coated glitter card and it cut beautifully on the Cricut. I was so pleased how this turned out.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

You can tell we have put the heating on!!

because Tilly has placed herself on top of the radiator cover (just!!) because it is nice and warm!!!

My Magnolia stamps arrived!!

.. and I couldn't wait to stamp Tilda with her sledge and make a Christmas card!!

I used Dovecraft background 6x6 papers, some christmas Papermania ribbon and cut some snowflakes from glitter card and embossed a circle with the small cuttlebug embossing folders and cut it out with a scalloped punch and attached it to the card with my paper tagger so that it swings.

Friday, 19 October 2007

I made Nic Smile!!

Thanks to Nic for my Make Me Smile Award. I am over the moon thanks hun xx Never had anything so nice happen to me for ages and ages. Mwah xxx
I now have to pass the award onto 10 people - yikes!! Here goes 10 0f my fave people's blogs to visit that make me smile:

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

My first Edwin

This is my first go with Edwin, he is so cute! I printed the digi paper and then embossed it with the Cuttlebug, lightly scuffed the surface and used one of my greetings circles with an inked edge.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Pretty in Pink

A girly pink birthday card using a Daisie set called Pretty in Pink. I have had this set for ages but never used it!

Sunday, 14 October 2007

My son who recently qualified as an electrician was wiring up our new shower fan. He is a computer network manager in real life but fancied a change but has now decided perhaps he won't after all as he worries about what he has done too much!!!! Bless him. Just cooked a huge roast pork and chicken and couldn't eat it!! I never really enjoy it when I have had to cook it though, I much prefer someone else to cook it for me!!

Not had much chance to play with my Cricut this weekend sadly but will make time this week! My Grandson Ryan is due to go away with the school tomorrow but has come down with a temperature and not feeling well so my daughter is worrying now whether to send him or not. Have to see what the morning brings.

I have had my nail extensions on for a month now - that is a record for me but I lost 3 this weekend so am going to have them redone tomorrow. After 48 years of biting my nails, I now cannot bear to be without them, strange isn't it? There is nothing I can't do with them on either which is astounding to me!

Friday, 12 October 2007

The Mother of all DST applicators

I got a heads up from Lousette about this fab DST dispenser which holds 55m rolls! No more peeling off the backing and running out & this works out a much cheaper option!

I have just devoured a slice of my Mum's home baked apple pie and double Jersey cream - yummmm!!!! A bit of a treat as I am not supposed to have cream and my Mum hasn't baked a pie for simply ages as she has been really bad with her RA. Gosh I did enjoy that, there is nothing in this world like it!

Thursday, 11 October 2007

My Expressions came home

I was at Crafts U Love just after 9 to pick up my new baby and I am in LOVE!! It is so easy to use and cuts like a dream. Just got to wait for my cartridges and tools from the states and I will be in heaven!

Laura made a card this afternoon for her friend who has moved away from home to Uni. She made a lovely job of it too but whisked it away before I could take a picture!! I love it when the kids craft and mine always think of making a card before they think of buying one!

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Ooh how exciting

I have just ordered my Cricut Expressions and collect it tomorrow. Can't wait to start playing!!

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Being creative!!

I saw a set of stamps the other day that were made for circular greetings which you could then punch out. I thought there has to be an easier way so I set myself a challenge to digitally make some circles for greetings that you could then punch out with the scalloped circle (or square etc. and I have made those shapes too) and they look so cute when cut out. So I sat this afternoon and made these. They are dead simple to make and I have made a file for the Craft Robo to cut too.

My Silly Tilly!!

She loves to climb into my handbag to sleep and has since she was a kitten, in fact I used to find both her and her little brother Tiny together in there!! We lost Tiny when he was 6 months old sadly. Mind you now she has to sit on top of it!! There was an empty Next carrier bag in the hall and she decided this was a good place to sit!!

Monday, 8 October 2007

I popped into Hobbycraft yesterday morning and Paula was demonstrating the Cricut so we had a chat. She is a lovely lady and sooooo talented. I love her work. Anyway the upshot of it is she made me think about getting the Cricut Expressions machine and initially thought I would sell my Craft Robo to fund this, but now I am thinking I may keep both! Can't wait. Paula and Geoff at Crafts U Love have a great deal on at the moment, so it is my early Chrissie present to myself!!!

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Whilst it has been quite a bright day it is freezing! I have done very little today, dropped DH at his Mum's so he could sort out his late Dad's car and golf things and then came home and sat in front of the PC!! Eldest DD has just dropped the grandchildren off whilst they go to the cinema and they want a curry for their tea, luckily I have some of Tesco's ready ones in the fridge - Delia I am NOT!!

Friday, 5 October 2007

Kreations by Krissy - Hanna stamps now on sale

But I need it!!!! (How true!!!)

I have been waiting for the launch of these fab new Hanna stamps & they were launched today and can be bought from here Plus Krissy is offering free worldwide shipping for the whole of October, plus some other great offers on this first set. If you are tempted to buy them, as I was, please tell her you saw them here!! There are more to come too so check back there often!!

Tribute to my Father in Law

We lost my Father-in-law on 2nd September very suddenly and it was a great shock to us all. These few weeks have been hectic but now we are starting to reflect on what a great Dad, Father-in-law and Grandad he was and my sister-in-law found the speech he gave at her wedding in 1986 and it is incredibly clever. It probably won't mean the same to anyone else but I want to share his words with the world as a tribute to him. I wish we had all taken the time to tell him how wonderful he was when he was still here.

"When making a speech you must first plan.

This made me think how words beginning with “P” had affected my life.
I thought of the past, I thought of Pennie and I thought of my life’s path.
I was born in Putney and my name was Pearce. My Dad died when I was 7 so we were poor. My Mother had to work as a char to supplement her widows pension to bring up 3 boys. When I think of her, I am very proud.

Leaving school at 14 to work for the family finances. In those days eleven shillings and sixpence didn’t go far and when I got a raise at 15 it was riches.
After the war, things started to improve as living conditions got better.
In 1954 I met Pam and from a person became one of a pair, and in 1955 we became partners. (That’s I to we and if you say it twice, that’s we we, so you could stretch that to a “P”).

In 1959 we bought our house which was just property but it soon became a home as we became parents.
This bought problems and pressures but also pleasure and pride.
The children came as planned (that’s my story anyway). They grew with patience, pain and at times panic to a peak in 1985 and now we are parting one by one.

Pennie and Gordon…….. You have served your probation, now starts the path through life.
I believe some advice is called for at this time, the best I can do is this…
Strive to be perfect but remember you are not.
Pardon others who are also not.
Be proud of your life as we are.
Be proud of your children as we are.

Find a time for play and also privacy. (There will be times you can’t stand one another… it’s normal, just separate for a while…. Another room will do).
Remember, “least said, soonest mended” and “count to ten” (God the times my Mum’s advice saved me from doing murder).

Most important, (and I always feel that I didn’t do as well as I might have at this), the most precious gift you can give is your time, particularly with children. Some of my happiest memories are of Pam with the children investing time in happiness.
I wish you all peace and plenty and thank you all for coming to make Pennie and Gordon’s day.

Enjoy the party.

The toast is Pennie & Gordon …. Mr & Mrs Hayes. "

Copyright R E Pearce 14th June 1986.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Bargain of the year!!

I went to Hobbycraft today to get some Derwent watercolour pencils for colouring in my stamping as recommended and found several different tins with 12, 24, 36 etc. I noticed the 36 size tin was £20.99 and as the 12 size was £24.99 I knew this couldn't be right. However I picked up a tin and took it to the till and it scanned at £41.99 but I pointed out the shelf ticket to the lady and sure enough, they sold it to me for £20.99!! One very happy bunny here!!

Willow's face is almost healed but as soon as I take off the collar he starts cleaning it furiously. I imagine it itches and I have to put the collar back on as I don't want him to open it all up again. I have a feeling this is going to be an ongoing problem with him.