Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Growing up so fast

My babies are growing so fast. Millie is 7 months on Friday, where did that go?! She has fitted in so nicely and my little trio keep me on my toes.

Tonic circle lily aperture die set - finally 😂

My crafting mojo is at a low ebb. I am very good at buying stuff but not using it. I envy all the people on design teams with boundless ideas. I want to make pretty things but I lack imagination. I watch all the shows but forget unless I record it!  It took me most of yesterday just to make this birthday card. Part of the problem was it would not cut on the Gemini. I finally gave up, got my old cut n boss out and it cut perfectly 😩 I wasted hours and tons of card. In my opinion the Gemini has too much pressure. I used prills for the centre of the flower at the top and this was needed because I messed up measuring the centre of the card, arrgghhhhh - still I made it 😀

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Here they are all together

They all sat nicely waiting for me to open the box of Bob and Lush food 😂

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Oops I did it again!

My 2 little dogs mean the world to me so when I had the chance to get a 3rd from the same breeder as Harley came from I didn't think twice. She came to join us a week ago and is Harley's half sister. She is called Millie and is a total joy. It took a while for Callie and Harley to accept her but I think because she is so tiny but fast and determined they are shocked by her more than anything. They get a little better each day so it should all be fine.
Millie 8 weeks old 

 Callie and Millie - little and large 

Unity Stamp and Anna Marie Designs Paper pad

I am loving Unity Stamps. I got a few the other day and couldn't wait to use them. This card was inspired by Shary Nettleship who is on the DT for Unity. I love the Anna Marie Designs paper pads as well. I got 3 in different colour ways but they are perfect for my style of cards.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

I finally made Neil Burley's mannequin!

I finally got around to making the gorgeous dress for the mannequin using Craftwork Cards papers.

Having a ball designing again

I  have rediscovered my love of designing this time using my Brother Scan n Cut. I have made two new card shapes.
and this one